Debt Lobby 2020 – Resources

The debt deal that was agreed earlier this year to suspend some developing country debts is running out, but the pandemic is far from over.

If we don’t act now countries could be plunged into crisis.

We’ve been meeting our MPs virtually, writing letters and sending in photos. The following resources should provide all you need to get active:

    • 💪 Watch the training video on how to lobby your MP!


Cancelling all debt payments could save countries $40 billion next year alone. This would make a massive difference, especially as 500 million more people could be pushed into poverty because of the pandemic.

    • Watch this video for more information:

We need to make sure that no one is left behind and that governments in poorer countries are not faced with an impossible choice between saving lives or repaying debts.

The UK has one of the most powerful voices in these international meetings. We need to raise our own voices to urge the UK Chancellor to show leadership and work to cancel the debts of countries struggling to cope with the effects of the pandemic.

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