Third party data processors

(Last updated: 11 May 2018)

Here is a comprehensive list of third parties that Jubilee Debt Campaign may share supporters’ personal data with.

It is important to note that Jubilee Debt Campaign remains the ‘data controller’. These organisations may only process the personal data under the instruction of Jubilee Debt Campaign, and will not do so for their own or anyone else’s marketing purposes.

Name                                       Processing activities
Clovertone                             Sending postal mailings
Mailchimp                              Sending email newsletters
Secure Self Storage                Archive storage
Microsoft                                Data storage

If you take a campaign action (by post or email) which is targeted at a third party (for example your MP, the government or anyone else), you will be unsurprised to find that we forward that message on to the named target, including any personal data that you choose to disclose.

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