EVENT: Cancel the debt for climate justice

This November, the world will be watching as the UK hosts COP26 in Glasgow. But there’s a huge issue stopping lower income countries from confronting the climate crisis – debt.

Join us on the eve of the COP26 summit to hear more about how the climate and debt crises are linked, why so many leaders from lower income counties are calling for the climate debt owed to them to be addressed, and what we can do about it.

Date:  Wednesday 27 October 2021

Time: 18:30-20:00 BST

Place: Online

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Speakers include:

  • Mitzi Jonelle Tan – Fridays for Future climate activist based in the Philippines
  • Chris Sinckler – Policy Advisor at the Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CDPC) where he works on both debt and climate issues. He is a former Minister of Foreign Affairs in Barbados.
  • Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP – Labour politician who has used her position to call on the government to cancel debts of former colonies

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