Who we are

Jubilee Debt Campaign is part of a global movement working to break the chains of debt and build a finance system that works for everyone. Founded in 1996, we are a UK-based charity focused on the connections between poverty and debt.

Our work is inspired by the ancient concept of the Jubilee, a time when debts were cancelled, slaves freed, and land and wealth redistributed, bringing about greater fairness and equality in the economy and society. We believe that tackling the injustices resulting from the accumulation of debt is a necessary step towards a world in which our common resources are used to realise equality, justice and human dignity.

We have

Jubilee Debt Campaign’s work is underpinned by our Memorandum & Articles of Association and governed by our Board of Trustees. Jubilee Debt Campaign is a registered charity (number 1055675) and a company limited by guarantee (number 3201959)

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