Order campaign materials

Jubilee Debt Campaign has a range of printed resources and materials available to order, including action postcards, briefings and campaigning guides. You can also download materials that are listed in red.

Campaigning Tools

Drop It magazine (A5)

Educational resources

Briefings (A4)

Reports (A4)

Badges & Leaflets

How to order materials

To place a materials order, please contact us on info@jubileedebt.org.uk.

Please state the quantity of each material that you would like, the date required by (if any), and provide your name, postal address (including postcode) telephone number and email address.

All materials are free but donations are appreciated towards the costs of producing them.

Above is a list of some of our most up-to-date or relevant resources. If you would like other resources not listed, for example pre-2015 Drop-It’s, please do get in touch.

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