WEBINAR: Drop Debt, Save Lives: Coronavirus and global south debt

  • When: Wednesday 10 June, 6pm
  • Where: Fill in the form below and we’ll email you a link, please note you will need to download Zoom to access this Webinar

The economic turmoil caused by coronavirus is pushing countries in the global south deeper into crisis. Some estimates are that half a billion more people could be pushed into poverty.

Lower-income countries are due to spend $40 billion on debt payments in 2020 alone, at a time when every spare penny is needed for healthcare and to combat the economic impacts of the crisis. Together with hundreds of thousands of people around the world we’re calling for that debt to be cancelled.

This webinar is your chance to hear speakers from around the world talk about the impact that Covid-19 is having in their countries, how they are campaigning for debt cancellation and what action we can take to support their campaigns from the UK.

Speakers include:

  • Chenai Mukumba, Director of CUTS International in Lusaka, Zambia – Zambia has been in debt distress long before the pandemic, and is attempting to restructure billions of dollars in debt. The country’s spending on healthcare and other public services has fallen by almost a fifth since 2015, while its debt costs continue to rise.
  • Abdul Khaliq, CADTM Pakistan – Pakistan’s long-term debt crisis has been exacerbated by the pandemic, and its government has been vocal in calling for debt relief.
  • Patricia Miranda, Global Advocacy Director for LATINDADD – Latin America’s debt distressed countries have seen many uprisings against punitive debt restructuring measures, and now some are at the centre of the coronavirus pandemic. Activists are calling for new solutions to help fight both battles.
  • Tim Jones, Head of Policy at Jubilee Debt Campaign – The UK plays a huge role in the international financial system, with many private debts owed under UK law as well as the influence the government exerts in international institutions such as the IMF and G20.

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