EVENT: Debt and Coronavirus – building the resistance

  • When: Wednesday 22 April, 6pm
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Our calls for debt cancellation both for the global south and at home during the Covid-19 crisis are gathering speed.

This week we rallied over 200 organisations globally to demand the immediate cancellation of debt payments for the poorest countries, receiving coverage in the BBC, the New York Times and the Telegraph.

Here in the UK, following our campaigning, new measures were introduced to freeze debt payments on credit cards and loans for those who need it.

This pandemic is opening people’s eyes to the unjust economic structures at home and around the world that cost too many human lives. Many believe we are on the brink of huge change, but we must continue to push to ensure that change is positive and just.

Join us next week for the first of our webinars on Coronavirus and Debt, to hear more and to discuss how we can push forward our goal of ending unjust debt.

Hear from Sarah-Jayne Clifton, Director of Jubilee Debt Campaign on our UK household debt campaign and Tim Jones, Head of Policy at Jubilee Debt Campaign on our global south debt campaign.

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But you can watch it here:

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