EVENT: Join the virtual MP lobby 2020

Lobby your MP to stop poorer countries being faced with an impossible choice: saving lives or repaying debt.

Join our virtual MP Lobby

The coronavirus pandemic has turned our world upside down. Communities worldwide are being pushed into poverty – throwing millions out of work and limiting access to food, education and health care.

In just a few weeks’ time, Finance Ministers from the world’s richest countries will meet to decide the next steps in the global recovery. The UK has one of the most powerful voices in these meetings, and our Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, will be going.

We can urge the Chancellor to show leadership and work with fellow finance ministers at the G20 and officials at the IMF and World Bank to drop the debt and save lives.

Make your voice heard by your MP.

Right now 64 countries are spending more on debt payments than healthcare, and right in the middle of global pandemic.

This autumn, world leaders could decide to extend a debt suspension deal agreed earlier this year, or they could do nothing.

Let’s call on our MPs to play their part.

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