FILM SCREENING: Argentina’s Debt Crisis

Join us for an exclusive online film screening and Q&A with the Director of ‘Fondo’, a new documentary shedding light on Argentina’s perpetual debt crisis and its disastrous effects on everyday Argentinians.

Right now the government of Argentina is in tense negotiations with private creditors on whether they will be able to restructure their debts, following the ninth debt default in the country’s history.

But what we don’t see is what the debt crisis means for the people of Argentina, or how the decisions of governments and international institutions have led the country to the brink.

Join us to find out more at this first UK showing of the film which will be followed by a live Q&A with Director Alejandro Bercovich.

Wednesday 8 July, 7.30pm

WATCH THE SCREENING live at 7.30pm

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Via Zoom at 8.45pm

This screening is brought to you by Jubilee Debt Campaign, Global Justice Now and Action for Argentina UK to mark Argentinian Independence Day.

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