Reaction to the introduction of Breathing Space scheme

Today marks the start of the new breathing space scheme in England and Wales, through which people in debt will be able to apply for 60 days ‘breathing space’. Most interest and charges will be frozen, and people will be given some legal protections from their creditors.

While Jubilee Debt Campaign welcomes the introduction of the scheme, more must be done to support the millions who are in debt, and whose debts have built up during the pandemic.

Reacting to the announcement, Eva Watkinson, Head of Campaigns at Jubilee Debt Campaign said:

We welcome the introduction of the scheme but so much more needs to be done to support people in debt. The pandemic has led to a huge rise in the numbers of indebted people, which now stands at 8.5 million heavily in debt, or 1 in 6 in the UK. That’s why we are calling for a debt write off for those who need it, and a freeze on bailiff activity. 

We’re all caught in the same storm, but we’re not all in the same boat. If the government is serious about supporting those who have been heavily impacted by the pandemic, they must do more to stop the crushing weight of debts that continue to build up.”  

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