Guide to responding to MPs about odious loans to Mozambique

Thank you for writing to your MP about odious loans by UK banks to Mozambique. If you have not done so yet, please take action now.

In 2013, two London- based banks lent $2 billion to three state-owned companies in Mozambique. The loans were given in secret, bypassing the Mozambique parliament. An independent audit has raised huge questions about the due diligence undertaken by the two banks. Mozambique is now in a debt crisis, and could be sued in UK Courts by vulture funds seeking a large profit on the debt.

Below are links to guides to the standard responses sent by MPs from different parties to the campaign. If you have received a response from your MP, please send it to our policy officer, Tim Jones, tim@jubileedebt.org.uk

Conservative MPs

Labour MPs


Liberal Democrat MPs


Plaid Cymru MPs

Green MP


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