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We are a campaigning organisation that exists to stop unjust debts driving poverty and inequality. We believe change comes through building the collective power of affected communities and growing a movement of people to campaign in solidarity. We build the power of affected people and platform their demands, playing a pivotal role in national and international movements.

Our name may be changing, but our spirit is as committed and rooted as ever.

54 countries are now in crisis, meaning debt payments are undermining their economies. The ability of governments to protect the basic economic and social rights of their citizens are spiraling. Many are on the frontlines of the climate emergency, still struggling with the pandemic, or experiencing conflict. Trapped in an unjust system.

Here in the UK, the personal debt crisis is growing, with nearly 15 million people now struggling to keep up with bills, even before the soaring costs of living. Our work to campaign for local and global systemic change is more important than ever.

We need to grow a powerful debt justice movement – changing our name at this point is crucial to organise and mobilise new activists and supporters to take action to help end harmful debt.

The need to see economic and social justice is a driving force behind our campaigns. Debt, is the prism we chose to highlight structural injustices.

Come join us as we set out our vision for winning change and celebrate our Jubilee foundations – the bedrock in our fight for debt justice.

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