Save others from the debt trap

Could your friends and family be caught in the debt trap as the Covid virus lingers on and on? 

Debt Relief Orders are there as a safety net for all of us. But they aren’t as helpful as they could be. 

Right now, the Insolvency Service (IS) is asking the public for ideas to improve them. 

This is your chance to save and protect others from the debt trap. 

The IS would like to change who can apply for a DRO and the rules around applying.  Some of these head in the right direction – but are they enough to protect you and the people you know from a debt trap?

Say what you think...


The Insolvency Service is asking 6 questions. We think it should take  you 10 minutes to answer them. 

We’ve added some pointers, but feel free to speak your mind  in your response. The way to get the IS to sit up and listen is to tell them what you are going through – or went through in the past. If you don’t know how to answer some of the questions, it’s fine to skip them.

The last questions are more general, so you can make whatever points you want at the end.

You have until the 26th of February, so time is short!  Once you’ve filled in the survey, we’ll send all responses to the Insolvency Service. 

Please take part – help protect your friends and family from the debt trap.

Let's do this!


If you are worried about debt, here are some organisations who may be able to help.

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