Economics is for all of us – Oxford, 27 September

A free day long workshop for activists and NGO staff in Oxford

Oxford 27th September, all day

Economics is complex and best left to the experts? Right? Wrong. The economy affects all of us. We can all get our heads around it.

This day long workshop is designed for people who are interested in social justice, but feel intimidated when ‘economics’ comes up in a conversation.

It will give you a tour through the history of the debt crisis and the global austerity programme. It’ll cover some basic economic concepts and jargon, a history of austerity and the financial crisis, and include a discussion about what we can all do to support the movement for a fairer economy.

This training will make you feel more confident to win arguments for a fairer economic system, whether you need it to run a big campaign at work, or to cope with your right wing uncle at the next family gathering.

And it’s free! Please let us know that you’re coming by emailing phoebe.cullingworth@peopleandplanet.org


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