Free training event: Become an advocate for debt justice

This free training session in London will give you the tools and confidence to advocate for debt justice.

When more than $100 billion of national debts were cancelled in the 2000s many people thought the issue of debt was done and dusted. Instead, the debt payments of impoverished countries are increasing rapidly and are at the highest level for more than a decade. Climate change is also worsening the debts of the countries who’ve done least to contribute towards the problem, and now suffer the harshest consequences. Closer to home, the numbers of households in persistent and dangerous debt continues to rise and students leaving UK universities now face higher average debts than American students, with the average student graduating with more than £44,000 debt.

The figures tell us that serious and systemic action is needed to make debt justice a reality, but lenders – the banks and richer governments – currently set the narrative on the issue, making it difficult for those suffering from unjust debts to be heard. 

Jubilee Debt Campaign think that, together, we can begin to tell the stories of debt crises and by doing so challenge the balance of  power between debtors and lenders. If individuals felt confident and clued up to talk to decision-makers, media or even sceptical friends and family about the issue, we could help shift the conversation in favour of debtors.

This spring, you are invited to join Jubilee Debt Campaign for a workshop supporting you to understand the basics of the big debt issues of 2018, and build your confidence in advocating on the side of justice whether you are speaking with a friend, MP or local journalist.

The workshop will combine learning about issues in easy-to-remember ways as well as practising using the knowledge, such as through role-playing meeting a decision maker and learning to write a letter to a local news source.

Workshop details:

Wednesday 18 April 6.30-9pm at The Grayston Centre, 28 Charles Square, N1 6HT
Register for free your place here. We will provide light refreshments.

If you have any accessibility needs you would like to discuss please get in touch with clare@jubileedebt.org.uk This venue has a wheelchair ramp which can be set up making the groundfloor wheelchair accessible.


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